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What is Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time Guide

Crazy Time Live is a unique live online game show built on Dream Catcher money wheel concept. This game was created by the game provider Evolution Gaming, and was released in mid-2020. It has been eagerly awaited by the players and has been a great success upon its release.

Now the interactive fun and excitement reaches crazy new levels with the chance to add multipliers from the Top Slot in each game round and in four exciting bonus games. Interactive elements and advanced technology make it possible for players to win different multipliers in two out of the four bonus games. Offering live entertainment with added advanced RNG gameplay, Crazy Time offers a one-of-a-kind player experience, and with multipliers up to 25,000x the fun hits a new high!

After Monopoly Live, Deal or no Deal and Mega Ball, this game is another great success of this popular casino game studio. KRIKYA today gives you its opinion on this online casino game, explains the rules and provides tips and strategies for playing smarter.

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How do you play Crazy Time Online?

  1. Click the button “Play Now!” to visit Krikya. Create an account with Krikya.
  2. Select Crazy Time. Choose Crazy Time from the menu.
  3. Place your Bet. Choose from 1, 2, 5, 10, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.
  4. Wheel Spin. Watch the host spin the wheel.

What we think of Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time​ Live

As of the time of this writing, Crazy Time Live has been out for over a year. We play this game regularly and the conclusion is clear : we never get tired of it ! Whether it’s a few quick spins or a longer session, it’s still fun.

This game is a bit of creativity and innovation that came from the mind of Evolution Gaming. The mini-games are varied and each offers a different experience. The hosts are also very nice and interact perfectly with players talking to them via chat.

How to play Crazy Time​ Live

When you join Crazy Time Live, you will face a very colourful game board with a giant wheel in the centre. When the players place their bets, the game host spins the wheel. There are 54 sections with bet multipliers of 1, 2, 5, and 10. Four mini games are also present on the wheel one or more times : Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Live

Below the wheel is the betting area, with several boxes to choose from. You can bet on 1, 2, 5, 10, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. You can choose whether you want to bet only on the mini games / bonuses or also on the bet multipliers.

This is how the game Crazy Time Live works. Players have a few seconds to place their bets. After placing a bet, a slot machine above the wheel assigns a random multiplier (between x2 and x50) to one of the wheel’s bet multipliers or mini games. At the same time, the wheel will be spun by the game host. If the wheel stops on a bet multiplier, your bet is returned to you and also multiplied by it. If it stops on a mini-game, the mini-game will start.

Crazy Time Live Betting

The mini games of Crazy Time Live

Let’s discover together the mini games of Crazy Time Live.

Coin Flip​

Present 4 times on the wheel, Coin Flip is the least good of the 4 Crazy Time bonus games. It is simply a coin flip between two bet multipliers (shown in red and blue). In this mini game, your bet can be multiplied by 2 times up to 100 times. It can be multiplied even more if the multiplier wheel falls on the Coin Flip. The host presses a button and the coin is tossed by a machine. You earn the multiplier related to the colour of the side of the coin that is facing up.

Crazy Time Coin Flip

Cash Hunt

Featured twice on the Crazy Time wheel, Cash Hunt is an excellent mini game. You are facing a giant wall where 108 bet multipliers are shuffled and hidden behind symbols (cactus, gift, target, sheriff’s star, rabbit, jester’s hat…). You can choose the symbol you want or let the game decide for you. When the time runs out, the symbols disappear and the multipliers hidden behind them are revealed.

Crazy Time Cash Hunt


This bonus appears twice on the wheel, just like the Cash Hunt. Pachinko mini game hidden behind the wheel. There you will find a purple vertical wall with 16 boxes at the bottom. Random multipliers will fit in there, as well one or more “double” symbols if you’re lucky. The host climbs the stairs and drops a puck from the top of the wall. It bounced off the spike until it landed in one of the boxes. You win the relevant bet multiplier. In case of a double, all multipliers are doubled and the puck is released again.

Crazy Time Pachinko

Crazy Time

Crazy Time Live is the ultimate bonus in this game of the same name. You will understand, it is present only once on the wheel. When this bonus drops, the game’s host will take you behind the red door on the right side of the stage. You will discover an incredible world worthy of the greatest amusement parks, with a huge wheel at its centre. The host is like an ant compared to it ! You will have to choose between one of three colours on the top of the wheel. In addition to the bet multipliers, there are also double and triple symbols on the wheel.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

Crazy Time Live Strategy & Tips

Reminder : Like any casino game, Crazy Time Live is a game of chance. While we provide some strategies and tips on how to play Crazy Time in this article, keep in mind that it is mostly a game of chance. These tips are designed to help you play smart. No strategy can guarantee that you will win every time.

Here are three strategies you can apply when playing this game :

Low volatility strategy​

Your goal here is to limit your losses and make your session last as long as possible. For example, many players use it when placing bets. Here’s how to do it. You bet on 4 bonuses, as well as 10, 5 and 2. Try to balance your bets between the different boxes so that each number returns to you when it lands. Below is an example of a bet spread. Here the total bet is ৳940. You can apply this pattern and double up once or twice if you want a bigger bet.

Medium volatility strategy​

The idea here is to take a little more risk than with the previous strategy. To do this, here’s what we recommend. You can bet on the mini games as well as on the number 2. Why 2 and not 5 or 10 ? Because the number 2 is much more present on the wheel and therefore statistically more likely to fall.

High volatility strategy​

If you have mastered the previous two strategies well, you probably know what will happen with this one. The goal of this volatile strategy is to bet on luck and hope for a quick profit. The idea here is to bet only on mini games, which are fairly consistent. If a mini-game comes fast and hits a good multiplier, you’ll be rewarded.

Remember to adjust your bet to your current balance so that your session can last as long as possible. Using the high volatility strategy with a low balance would be far too risky. You could lose everything in the blink of an eye.

About Evolution Gaming​

Evolution Gaming is the world’s leading live casino games company. This European studio founded in 2006 has amazing growth and has quickly established itself as the number one in its field. It is thanks to the high quality and uniqueness of the games that more and more players are playing them every day in various online casinos around the world.

Evolution Gaming’s lobby is comprehensive, with classic games like blackjack, poker, craps and roulette on one hand, and on the other hand casino game shows. These game shows are mostly original creations or adaptations of popular games. These include Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time and Mega Ball. All Evolution Gaming’s games can be played 24 hours a day.

Thanks to its popularity and the growing enthusiasm of its players, Evolution Gaming has opened studios and offices worldwide. Notably, they are present in Sliema (Malta), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Kesklinna (Estonia), London (UK), Norrmalm (Sweden)…

To provide even more quality games to online casino enthusiasts, Evolution Gaming acquired NetEnt for ৳181 billion in 2020. Following this acquisition, the live casino game Gonzo`s Treasure Hunt has been created.

Crazy Time FAQs

While it may seem complicated at first glance, Crazy Time is a really simple live casino game to understand. It only takes a few turns to understand the whole game. Feel free to refer to our guide on how to maximise your stake.

This game has incredible potential thanks to the multiplier wheel and the double and triple symbols featured on some of the mini games. This is why the maximum potential win for Crazy Time is ৳48000000.

In many casinos, it is possible to play slot machines in demo mode. This feature is currently not available on live casino games. To get the hang of the game, watch a few rounds and start playing with low stakes. When you feel more comfortable, increase your bets.

No, you don’t need to make a big deposit to play Crazy Time Live. The minimum bet is ৳10. Therefore, you will have no problem having fun in this live casino game even with an initial balance of ৳2800 or ৳4800.

In this article, learn more about Evolution Gaming and its hit game : Crazy Time.

Learn all about this game : its rules, how to play it as well as some tips and strategies.

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